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A minor but real contribution to mideast peace

November 6, 2003

Hey, I'm getting tired of the situation, so I'm doing a little something to help out. I've just created a little personal foundation, which is sending a small amount of cash to two different groups. Both are getting eye exams and glasses to poor kids on both sides of the border. I figure this helps… Read more »


Serious political change

November 4, 2003

Current day politics is a matter of money and who you know, and doesn't deliver results … which is why most of us have given up on politics. However, people connecting via the Internet are changing this, by combining their voices to organize, raise funds, and get the word out. Everyday people have gotten serious… Read more »


Jumping up and down for babies

November 2, 2003

Well, it's now certain that one-year-old babies enjoy seeing a guy jumping up and down and even better, flapping his arms… or perhaps, it's my complete loss of dignity. This is based on observations recently of Kira, Neil, Liesl, and Hayden. Probably, it's the loss of dignity thing.


Halloween in Cole Valley

November 1, 2003

One cool aspect of life in Cole Valley is the Halloween deal for kids held on the street behind me, Belvedere. We get hundreds of kind going by from all over the city. I generally join some friends who live on one end of the blocked off area; it's pretty cute. Obviously, I like kids…. Read more »


flag for removal: an innovation?

October 30, 2003

We're pretty darn serious about the quality of the posts at craigslist, and really want each one reviewed and removed if it's problematic. The culture of trust we have results in very few problem posts, given our size, but they happen. However, we're getting around 1.5 million posts per month, and we also believe in… Read more »


update: sex at

October 29, 2003

Well, the folks using our London site really are having a good time. You can check out our London statistics which show an enormous surge of activity, I just hope we can maintain our performance. The Guardian just had an update. Here's a few words: Brief encounters Then there's the morning-after pill, which is, apparently,… Read more »


Babies and more dogs

October 26, 2003

Hey, I had a really good baby and dog weekend here in Cole Valley. I've discovered that Hayden, who had her first birthday last week, really likes it when I jump up and down and flap my arms. Also, Isabella, Kira, and Sam are easily amused; of course, the same is try of me. I… Read more »


sex in the city

October 24, 2003

Well, here's a new one … it seems that a lot of women in London are using our site for a lot more than expected. For reasons unknown, they're using our casual encounters category there in large numbers, for casual sex. Somehow, it's more acceptable there than in any other community we serve. Or, maybe… Read more »


IPO Success:Conceptual Artist Neurons

October 24, 2003

You might recall the initial prospectus for futures contract on the contents for the mind of Jonathon Keats, [craig, learn how to do a permalink]here. Mr Keats just sent me the update: FUTURES CONTRACTS ON 71 MILLION NEURONS SOLD IN SINGLE EVENING Record IPO For Conceptual Artist Who Copyrighted His Own Mind On October 23rd,… Read more »


Fighting bad guys as a civil libertarian?

October 21, 2003

Here's some deep irony for you… I'm very passionately dedicated to the rights embodied in the US Bill of Rights and civil liberties in general. That's very true these days, when it appears that top officials who should be protecting us are attacking these liberties. At craigslist, we're really lucky that our culture of trust… Read more »