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Larry Lessig: blogs changing elections

October 17, 2003

Hey, I talk a lot about the way people are using the Net to change politics, but Larry Lessig really knows what he's talking about. He's in the thick of the fight for your rights online, including arguing against the bad guys at the Supreme Court. I'd recommend his opinion in the current issue of… Read more »


Peter Plate on the Mission

October 16, 2003

Peter Plate writes novels that articulate the poetry of the Mission here in SF. Today he has a remarkable piece in the Chron. "Next to the Bonita Trading Company is a new building that went up faster than a heart attack. It's hard to remember what kind of business was there before it got bulldozed…. Read more »


craigslist on NPR

October 15, 2003

Hey, it's not a big deal, but a pretty good, fairly short piece ran about us on "All Things Considered" on NPR today. If you prefer something audio, with Jim and myself, check out the NPR site.


The opposite of hip

October 14, 2003

The new issue of Spin magazine is out, and contains a pretty good article on Friendster. It contrasts the Friendster approach with ours, and quotes me a little. (Who cares?) I now have around 725,000 connections, though most seem fake since I'm connected by some guys whose hobby is forging connections. However, I read the… Read more »


Dealing with apartment brokers in NY

October 13, 2003

I remember how desperate Elaine was, on Seinfeld, to find an apartment she liked. While that's an exaggeration, it's true that apartments brokers play a major role in the apartment rental ecosystem of New York, particularly Manhattan. We've changed that somewhat, and our apartment listings in NY have substantially changed things, even a recent article… Read more »


Large corporation sickness

October 9, 2003

People worry about big multinationals taking over the world, in part, because they have such economies of scale, but given the usual corporate culture, I don't think they have a chance. People get ahead in really big companies with behaviors that reward them as individuals but that damage the companies. That's what I've seen at… Read more »


"Geek chic? Screw it, I'm a nerd"

October 8, 2003

Hey, Carla King just did a article for Sun where she allowed me to really pontificate, and I dive further into what it means to be a nerd. Check it out here. "Geek chic? Screw it, I'm a nerd," counters Newmark. "A recovering nerd," he amends, since 1972 when he took "a very good small-group… Read more »


Spam's not a free speech issue

October 8, 2003

We have a pretty good national do-not-call list, but spammers are trying to challenge it as a free speech issue. I expect them to attempt to confuse the antispam legal efforts the same way, so … Your inbox is an entry to your personal space, and there's a social contract regarding how other people use… Read more »


Conceptual artist copyrights own mind for IPO

October 6, 2003

for a friend CONCEPTUAL ARTIST COPYRIGHTS HIS OWN MIND … and Authorizes Exclusive IPO on His Brain San Francisco conceptual artist Jonathon Keats has recently announced that he has filed with the United States Copyright Office for intellectual property protection on his mind. Because Title 17 of the United States Code stipulates that copyright "endures… Read more »


Microsoft: do the lawyers smell blood?

October 5, 2003