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IPO Success:Conceptual Artist Neurons

October 24, 2003

You might recall the initial prospectus for futures contract on the contents for the mind of Jonathon Keats, [craig, learn how to do a permalink]here. Mr Keats just sent me the update: FUTURES CONTRACTS ON 71 MILLION NEURONS SOLD IN SINGLE EVENING Record IPO For Conceptual Artist Who Copyrighted His Own Mind On October 23rd,… Read more »


Fighting bad guys as a civil libertarian?

October 21, 2003

Here's some deep irony for you… I'm very passionately dedicated to the rights embodied in the US Bill of Rights and civil liberties in general. That's very true these days, when it appears that top officials who should be protecting us are attacking these liberties. At craigslist, we're really lucky that our culture of trust… Read more »


More Evil in New York

October 20, 2003

I'm very greateful to a coupla people in NY who are tracking down a lot of brokers in NY who abuse our site there. As evil goes, it's pretty half-assed, but if you're looking for a no-fee apartment there, you don't want to see many ads for fee apartments in teh "no-fee" section. This is… Read more »


dogs of Cole Valley

October 20, 2003

Hey, I've grown to love dogs, and the folks where I live, Cole Valley of SF, are kind enough to bring around dogs for my petting pleasure. This weekend I saw Baci, who still competes with me to be alpha, plus Winston, who doesn't care, just wants human food. I'm very fond of black labs,… Read more »


"slightly schlubby"

October 19, 2003

Don't believe everything you hear. A slightly schlubby 50-year-old from San Francisco in "real" life, Newmark, in cyberculture, is a combination celebrity, benign potentate and kibbutz coordinator. He generates just enough revenue from the network to keep it afloat. There's also a log of really good stuff about personal blogs here, people who are more… Read more »


Larry Lessig: blogs changing elections

October 17, 2003

Hey, I talk a lot about the way people are using the Net to change politics, but Larry Lessig really knows what he's talking about. He's in the thick of the fight for your rights online, including arguing against the bad guys at the Supreme Court. I'd recommend his opinion in the current issue of… Read more »


Peter Plate on the Mission

October 16, 2003

Peter Plate writes novels that articulate the poetry of the Mission here in SF. Today he has a remarkable piece in the Chron. "Next to the Bonita Trading Company is a new building that went up faster than a heart attack. It's hard to remember what kind of business was there before it got bulldozed…. Read more »


craigslist on NPR

October 15, 2003

Hey, it's not a big deal, but a pretty good, fairly short piece ran about us on "All Things Considered" on NPR today. If you prefer something audio, with Jim and myself, check out the NPR site.


The opposite of hip

October 14, 2003

The new issue of Spin magazine is out, and contains a pretty good article on Friendster. It contrasts the Friendster approach with ours, and quotes me a little. (Who cares?) I now have around 725,000 connections, though most seem fake since I'm connected by some guys whose hobby is forging connections. However, I read the… Read more »


Dealing with apartment brokers in NY

October 13, 2003

I remember how desperate Elaine was, on Seinfeld, to find an apartment she liked. While that's an exaggeration, it's true that apartments brokers play a major role in the apartment rental ecosystem of New York, particularly Manhattan. We've changed that somewhat, and our apartment listings in NY have substantially changed things, even a recent article… Read more »