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Scam alert

September 25, 2003

Well, craigslist is big enough to attract a number of scammers, and I figure a another brief warning can't hurt. We have a variety of scams being run from the US, Nigeria, Romania, and Ukraine. For example, if anyone wants to send you a cashier's check much bigger than the purchase amount of an item… Read more »


More power to you

September 24, 2003

I don't know if you noticed, but using the Internet, you have a little more power than you used to. It's your printing press, particularly if you maintain an active blog or site. If you exert your voice or vote in connection with other people, that multiplies your bit of power. The Dean campaign is… Read more »


California antispam bill passes

September 23, 2003

Well, we have some really good news. California SB186, a really good antispam bill, is being signed by the governor. The NY Times has the details. It allows you to sue a spammer in small claims court for $1000 per spam, and bans address harvesting, and a lot more. I'll get more details. This bill… Read more »


Dave Letterman, my TV pal

September 22, 2003

Sometimes, we're influenced by people in unexpected ways, and we don't even understand that influence until a lot later. For me, one such guy is David Letterman, and yes, I'm serious. His show is very funny, never condescending, even when he's being completely goofy. Some humor will make me a little uneasy, but comedy means… Read more »


the craigcam

September 21, 2003

I do like my toys, and if you check out my webcam you'll see my home office. I'm usually there in mornings, although I will go out for coffee. You can pan and tilt remotely. I just need to remember to wear a shirt.


litquake starts!

September 19, 2003

Hey, the litquake literary festival has started in earnest, with a really good panel discussion, "creative demons: writers behaving badly". Of particular interest were comments by Thomas Sanchez, a very highly respected writer, with a new book, King Bongo, a really good novel of Havana on the brink of revolution. (I've read it, really good,… Read more »


Support open source software

September 18, 2003

Hey, you might hear about the open source movement, where people in that community build high quality software just for the joy of helping out and of their craft. craigslist is built on top of it, including: Linux MySQL squid cache Apache Perl qmail (not a complete list, these are the main tools.) If you're… Read more »


Help fight for your financial privacy

September 17, 2003

Hey, we got a really good financial privacy bill passed recently in California, but a lot of banks of financial institutions make money selling your personal information, and they want to preempt the bill on a Federal level. I've spoken with bank people about this, and they want to do the right thing, but somehow… Read more »


A class on online community in SF and NY

September 17, 2003

Well, just like Carrie Bradshw, in an episode of Sex in the City, I'm offering a modest class on online community. Mostly, it based on what I've learned at craigslist, pretty quirky and focused on real lessons, even like how I deal with scammers and spammers. I'll next be teaching in San Francisco on the… Read more »


litquake: epicenter of the SF literary renaissance

September 16, 2003

One of my current fantasies is that San Franisco is experiencing a rebirth of the writing and arts scene like the Beat era. This includes a lot of stuff like the SF Writers' Grotto and Zoetrope All-story magazine, even expanded books and arts coverage at the Chron. This coming weekend, we have a really big… Read more »