craigconnects commenting policies

This is a moderated blog, which means that no messages will appear publicly until they have been viewed and approved by a craigconnects moderator. Our moderators will never block a post simply because it is critical of an organization or an individual, as long as the criticism does not violate the guidelines given below.

These guidelines have been developed for the protection of all who participate on this blog. The posts of those who violate the “absolute no go’s” shown below will not be allowed to appear, although the moderators will do their best to explain to first-time violators why the post was barred and give them a chance to post a revised message. Repeat violators will be banned from the site.

Some Absolute No Go's:
1. No cursing, foul language, personal attacks, trolling or nasty remarks (also known as “flaming”).
2. No commercial announcements – e.g., no promoting any products, services, business opportunities, etc.
3. No proselytizing (trying to convert anyone to your religious or political beliefs).
4. No posting of content generally deemed offensive (e.g,. graphic description of sexual or violent acts, or bodily functions).
5. No use of material protected by intellectual property law (e.g., copyrights, trademarks).
6. No use of e-mails from addresses that cannot be authenticated.
7. No spamming (to include the deliberate abuse of this system to repeatedly promote another website).

Some Good Stuff:

1. Brevity – if you want your message read, you’re best off keeping it short and on-topic. Most readers will just automatically skip past long, rambling messages.

2. If you have media inquiries, please send an email directly to