Okay, I'd like to really make a difference, in the here and now, and twenty years from now and beyond. My preference is to support people who're already effective at helping other people, while learning how to engage much larger groups of people to help out.

For reasons both objective and personal, I've been helping effective groups in the following initiatives, contributing help with social media, social capital, and modest amounts of financial contributions.

Other Worthwhile Organizations

I support organizations that really have their boots on the ground.

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Peer-to-Peer Giving

There are groups finding ways that make it easy to directly help others in ways that work.

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Protecting Americans' Voting Rights

The Declaration of Independence says that we're equal under law, but there are states where Americans' voting rights are at risk.

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Trustworthy Journalism

Speaking only as a news consumer, I want news I can trust.

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Veterans and Military Families

I figure if someone's willing to risk taking a bullet for me, I should help out a little, and I realize that their families also serve. Some of the orgs I support range from Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America to Blue Star Families.

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Women in Tech

Fair's fair, regardless of gender in tech.

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