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Important note to journalists: Please do not contact us about anything related to the day to day operation of craigslist. While Craig retains his position as craigslist's chairman of the board, Jim Buckmaster, the company CEO, has sole responsibility for managing business operations and should be contacted using the address We recognize that this is an atypical arrangement compared to many other companies, but then no one has ever accused craigslist of being "typical"!


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List of organizations that are doing good things, and that Craig is actively involved with.


[Fun Craig Facts]

1. Craig’s hobbies include bird-watching, or at least watching the birds that conveniently visit him at his home office.

2. Forty years ago Craig had a “wall of hair.” Now he wears a hat. But it's NOT a beret.

Photo credit: Peter Vidor at

3. Craig never met a squirrel he didn’t like.

4. On Craig’s Facebook page, there’s a photo of him with President Obama. Craig is the one on the left.
5. There were 25 billion tweets sent in 2010. A lot of them were from @craignewmark.
6. Craig suffers from iPad Compulsive Disorder, and is addicted to Diet Mountain Dew.
7. Craig thinks he isn’t as funny as he thinks he is, but most people think he’s wrong.