Public/private partnership with FEMA

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 4.14.06 PM When something goes really wrong, we really need a hand… and we need to let people know how to get that help via social media.

That's what some FEMA folks came to talk about in Silicon Valley, including the Administrator, Craig Fugate: Social Media + Emergency Management: Talking with Tech Leaders on the West Coast

In addition to meeting with fellow “Craig”, Craig Newmark (the founder of Craigslist), I also met with editors from Wired Magazine, Twitter, Apple and Facebook.

Some of the things we discussed included:

  • The need to provide information to the public as data feeds, because they are a key member of our emergency management team;
  • The importance of referring to people impacted by a disaster as survivors and utilizing them as a resource; 
  • The importance of providing good customer service; and 
  • How we, as emergency managers, need to stop trying to have the public fit into our way of doing things and receiving information, but that we should fit the way the public gets, receives and seeks out information.

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