Turning Shelters into Homes in Haiti

5320210799_cb623138b9 Hey, the folks at CHF International get real stuff done, working with the people they help.

They've built over 4600 earthquake and storm resistant shelters since the quake, housing over 28,000 Haitians.

The Haitian people get a lot done with those shelters, building functioning bathrooms and showers, porches, added concrete walls.

The photo shows what a this family did with their shelter, turning it into a grocery store.

From the CHF perspective, this is a kind of microfinance – giving people in tough conditions the stuff they need to improve things for themselves.

Read more about how Haitians have been at the center of their own recovery here.

Disclosure: I do a little with CHF International and Kiva to do microfinance in the West Bank, with the support of the Israeli, Palestinian, and US governments.

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