Lung Cancer: The Bold and Beautiful Perspective

Meryl2 Hey, my dad died of lung cancer when he was very young, and I was only thirteen.

Please consider watching The Bold and the Beautiful on February 7 on CBS to learn more about lung cancer.

Lung Cancer is the biggest cancer killer, killing more than breast prostate, colon and ovarian combined. More than 50 % of those diagnosed are non-smokers or have quite more than 10 years ago.

Meryl Bralower, a 5 year lung cancer survivor, who I have known for the last 10 years will be featured along with other real life cancer survivors,  Michael Weitz, MD,  Associate Director Emergency Services, Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, San Francisco Opera singer Zheng Cao and Desperate Housewives's Kathryn Joosten ( Mrs McClusky).

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