Smoke-Free Super Bowl help

Logo-reLearnLife Hey, the folks at American Legacy Foundation are the real deal, set up by lots of states as part of a settlement deal with the tobacco companies.

They run the Truth campaign, trying to prevent addiction among the young.

Here's a SuperBowl udpate:

Hey, with Super Bowl XLV right around the corner, fans from coast to coast are gearing up for game day, with parties packed with friends, food and fun. While the game may be relaxing for some, for others, it could throw a monkey wrench in their New Year’s Resolutions to quit smoking. According to a 2009 survey conducted by Legacy, 63 percent of sports fans surveyed are current or former smokers. Of them, 76 percent have smoked while watching or attending sporting events. The stress of football bets, endless snacks and beer, and being around friends who smoke, all trigger fans to light up a cigarette. Having a game plan in place to overcome these triggers is a great way to handle the pressure. I've talked about this group before, they can help by giving you a free quit plan online at

Smoke-Free Super Bowl tips:

 *  Ask your friends not to smoke around you while watching the game.
 *  If you are drinking alcohol, try something new and switch flavors or brands. Breaking your
    usual routine also helps break your smoking connection.
 *  Stash gum around the house. If you feel the urge to have a smoke, grab a piece of gum
 *  Overtime is intense, but lighting up won’t coax your team to victory. Just think: if you
    can abstain from smoking through overtime, you can handle any situation without a

(FYI, my dad died when I was thirteen, heavy smoker.)

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