A new Greatest Generation via the Roosevelt Campus Network

Blue Okay, the deal is the that the people of the Depression era changed the world, inspired by a President with a vision and who got stuff done.

The Roosevelt Campus Network is trying to replicate that, and here's more:

On FDR’s birthday, the Roosevelt Campus Network, is launching a youth-generated vision for the
future– a New Deal for the Millennial America. In the same way that FDR’s New Deal established America’s political course for years to come, the culmination of the Campus Network’s Think 2040 project, Blueprint for the Millennial America, outlines the Millennial generation’s goals and policy priorities for the next thirty years and offers a unique glimpse
at an engaged, socially empathetic, community-minded, and hyper informed generation of
Americans. To date, thousands of Millennials nation-wide have contributed their 2040 vision.
Now, young people across the country are taking action to
make their vision a reality. Over the course of the next few months, students nation-wide are
launching action projects to move towards their 2040 goals, including

• Investments in public infrastructure
• Equal access to quality education
• Elimination of the socioeconomic achievement gap
• Climate change adaptation and mitigation
• A strong green jobs sector
• The creation of a stronger, more flexible “social safety trampoline” as top priorities for
the next thirty years.

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  1. Very intriguing. I especially like that the last phase is a concrete plan on how to do what they envision. Being that “Policy Activism” was found to be most effective by actually trying other solutions over the years greatly encourages me in their potential for success. I’ll keep an eye on this effort for sure. Good Luck.


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