Hey, I know I say “this is a big deal” a lot, but this really IS a big deal.  I’ve decided what I want to do for the next 20 years, which is to help connect and protect organizations that are doing good through a program I’m calling craigconnects.

I need your help.  Together, we can make a difference.

Today the new craigconnects website launched:

  • Craigconnects is about calling attention to and connecting good, effective nonprofits and other organizations that get the job done.
  • Craigconnects is also about protecting organizations, and the public, from fake organizations that have a good story, but actually end up hurting the people they profess to serve.

One way we’ll connect good, worthy organizations is on craigconnects’ Home page. When you check it out, find the “Featured Nonprofit”. Right now, it’s

The great folks at DonorsChoose are really making a difference for kids, teachers and education by enabling small donations for classroom projects. Read more about it on the site. There’s a link for more info about them. Then get in touch if it makes sense. Connect.

We’ll feature different organizations a lot. We might feature yours. But first, connect with craigconnects by clicking “Like” on the site. And, I want people to use the “Connect with Craig” page to tell me about organizations that are doing good stuff. Or ask me questions about craigconnects. Or tell me what YOU think is important. Because I care and I know that many of you care too.

Help me make a difference.

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  1. Craig,

    Congratulations on this new, long term endeavor to connect people of good will everywhere! We are ready, willing and able to help you however we can.

    All the Best,
    Ken Berger, President & CEO
    Charity Navigator


  2. I don’t get it. How is having a Craiglist blog going to help all of the nonprofits in the world connect with each other? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to just use Google?


    1. Curtis, thanks! First, it’s not a craigslist blog, it’s me with a team trying first to standup for nonprofits we believe it… and then asking them to stand up for each other.

      … Just a start…

      thanks! /craig


  3. Craig:

    Congratulations & thank you for this! What a great addition to help connecting people to helping people do good. I especially appreciate the balance of global and local. Exactly what we try to demonstrate at Feeding America with national and local domestic hunger.

    Look forward to seeing this site evolve and grow.

    Dan Michel
    Feeding America


    1. Dan, and everyone else, thanks, that’s really appreciated, and we’ll keep the faith!


  4. Thanks for using your good name to convene non-profits doing good work in the world. We at MSPCC protect children from abuse and neglect and help families heal and thrive. Happy to encounter others focussed upon basic human needs and creating community to share best practice and high hopes!

    Anne Malone


  5. I think this is a powerful concept because the information revolution/evolution while proceeding at a furious pace, is always a contest between those of good will and small to large exploiters only out for themselves. We need a trusted place to go that does its best to separate the BS from the valuable.

    Aloha from Hawaii,


  6. Hi Craig,

    Very excited to learn about craigconnects. Good on ya for leading this effort. I’m a founder of Changents ( a social venture committed to connecting trailblazing social and environmental Change Agents with people, organizations and companies that want to help them. Connect and Protect are two words that resonate deeply with us. We look forward to coming alongside craigconnects by supporting and promoting the charismatic leaders “inside” the NPs featured here who are the true faces of change, and whose personal stories from the frontlines can inspire many people to discover the Change Agent within themselves.

    Thanks for doing this.

    Alex Hofmann


  7. Thanks Craig, this is great. I belong to and support The Green Party, The Coalition for Peace and Justice, and the American Humanist Association. These organizations are all working for a better world through their concerns for peace, fairness, jobs and the environment.


  8. Hi Craig,

    Kudos, congratulations, and best of luck. Very worthwhile pursuit.

    I was wondering how you plan to uncover and publicize the unethical / scam “charities” without opening yourself up to legal claims?

    Based on your community moderation philosophy on CL, will you be asking for (or accepting reports of) fraudulent activities on charities? Will they be investigated by Craigsconnect (can I call it “CC”? 🙂 ).

    I think it’s a great concept, very workable, I’m just being nosy about your plans (sorry) and seeing if I can be a help in any way, either now or down the road.

    Good luck to you and your new venture, let us know how the community can help YOU help the charities.



  9. Hola! From Georgeann(in Mexico)…I live in San Miguel de Allende and am very active with non-profits(including 501c3’s) in the community.
    This Craigconnects is a great idea! I will be posting next week on my “fave” to do with cultural survival. Right now we are still updating website.
    Felicidades/Congratulations Craig!


  10. Connection. It’s what we need. But how do we go from a “heartwarming story” to achieving real results?
    I’m an environmental activist and and entrepreneur. It’s all so overwhelming to me, with us destroying the planet and all. How can craigconnects help?


  11. Hi Craig,

    I remember you spoke about this with me at Beth kanter’s Networked Nonprofit talk at the TechSoup Headquarters. Are you planning to attend and present about this new site at this year’s NTC ( It seems like a good place for your team to brainstorm ways to vertically segment the orgs so they can efficiently identify by sub-sector and you can efficiently organize and scale the connections. Please let me know if you need my help building the community. TechSoup is happy to lend a hand to this long-overdue and much needed project.

    Looking Forward,



  12. congratulations Craig, sounds like an immensely worthwhile project and the right guy to take it on – tremendous opportunity for collective learning and the sharing of comparative advantage.

    I’ll be glad to help w/facilitation & team-building skills.


    John O’


  13. Craig
    This is a very good idea and I would love to contribute to your efforts. Seeing how you have brought up craigslist, I have inherent trust in your honesty and ethics

    Let me know if you need any assistance in vetting the organizations (I am good at that) or any other issues facing you for that matter.



  14. WOW! You are the living proof of what God, expects from each and everyone of us. Love and compansion toward each other. Thank you,! Mr. Craig for being you. You truly are earning your merits from heaven. You know the formula, I just wish the rest of mankind did too, for World Peace. This planet, would be awesome! Keep up your good work and go on with your bad self. Glad to have a chance and see that there is some good on earth, afterall. Blessings for your journey. My regards, R. Romero


  15. Thanks Craig ,

    I’m not sure how we can use this, but i’m always looking for ways to strengthen community through networking and awareness. Let me know how to participate and how this can serve Spokes…

    Brian Drayton. Spokes ED


  16. I applaud and support your efforts with Craigconnects. Because you asked for suggestions, I’ll mention a new favorite chairty of mine — The Smile Train …
    A quote from their website:
    “The good news is that every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes. It’s a true modern-day medical miracle that gives a child back their life.”
    As their tagline asks, How often do you get the chance to change a child’s life for $250? To my mind, that’s a powerful bargain in charitable-giving.


  17. Was an excellent idea! I can sense that is the beginning of something much need in the 501c3 nonprofit community. I find that there are so many good causes that can use support and encouragement. Thanks for being a voice!


  18. i have an acre empty lot next to my elderly home,i would like to build a non profit day care for elderly.i dont how to start,how to get donors etc.its been a long dream to create a place for the elderly to enjoy their day,instead of just sitting at home.
    i am hoping that you will be able to help me or direct me to the reght person or org.
    thank you for your kind consideration,ROXIE


    1. Craig….great idea! I’m responding to Teresita Roxas who wants to open an adult day care. I did it 4 years ago as a tribute to my Mom who had Alzheimer’s and my Dad who was her loving caregiver. My goal with my unique building (see my website) is to enhance the perception of adult day and raise awareness in America for its critical role in helping older adults who live with dementia and other ailments, find dignity and quality of life while remaining in their own home. Cudos to you! It’s a very worthy cause!


  19. Thanks for making a difference Craig! More people need to stand up and make a difference and I think this is an amazing way to start that.


  20. Right on Craig! Celebrating effective non-profit orgs is a great idea… making visible the positive contributions of groups and individuals can trigger a virtuous cycle of good deeds. Visualizing the good deeds by geographic community (state, county, city, campus, etc.) and contribution type (medical, energy, educational, community safety, etc.) will bring recognition to those who deserve it. Featuring the community or contribution of the day/week/month will build a collection of great stories to inspire others. A wiki-like approach (“GoodDeedia”, “WikiDeedia”) might work.


  21. I think you should feature The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network…Talk about an underdog charity! Pancreatic cancer has a 5yr survival rate of 6% (compared to 92% for breast cancer) yet breast cancer gets all the press, private funding and federal funding.


  22. such a way amazing thing you are working on. for me ( the wannabe{{}} frustrated philanthopist….seeing your vision and others coming together makes me want to focus and pay attention and learn where and how I can help.

    thanks craig and everyone who’s passion, interest, and creativity are sparked and moved to, and down the road. to infinity….and beyond! (I stole that from Buzz Lightyear))


  23. im not even sure where to begin… I want to start my non-profit thrift store to help get a womens mission started and going. 25% of my stores income would go to the Mission here. All items i would sell is donated, vouchers would come from churches or missions for changes of clothing if needed for the street people. I want to have items to help others who may get burned out of their home (we have at least one of these each year) I need a store front in Madras that the landlord would give the first two months rent free, (as a tax write off). IF the store front has a living space above – this would be a plus but not a must.
    workers would be volunteers from several churches and our church missions program. I am praying we can open March 1, 2012.


  24. i neglected to state also that we would be a skill building and job traing program as well as a place that those needing to serve community service can have a place to gain skills or refine some…


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