Thanks for all the craigconnects support!

Hey, we’ve seen thousands of people offering their support, wanting to help nonprofits in all sorts of ways.

People have made a lot of suggestions, we’re working on many already.

Special thanks to my team, and to diet mountain dew, and to advil, and to Susan’s rescue dogs, most fun I had today.


Craig @craigconnects

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  1. Hi Craig~ What a great idea! Thank you…

    I work at the Center for Ethical Leadership. We’re in Seattle, and work around the country, as a national intermediary organization.

    Our focus is this:
    We cultivate leadership and build capacity, helping organizations and communities tap collective wisdom in service of the common good. We invite people to reach across boundaries, build trust, and lead from their core values to advance change.

    Our role as an intermediary organization is essentially as a bridge builder. We utilize personal story and a process called Gracious Space to bring community groups together to talk with each other – especially across traditional boundaries.

    Example: In rural Texas, we worked (and still work) with an awesome organization called Llano Grande, supporting them as they built their capacity to launch some pretty impressive change initiatives in their community… like high school students getting a long-shot school bond passed so that Latino kids could have a chance at a decent secondary education and then going to college.

    We’ve been doing this work under a contract from the Kellogg Foundation, and for 8 years, have been collectively building a robust national network of community based groups doing on the ground work. We operate from the stance that Collective Leadership is a model that gets things done, and involves many in a leadership role, not relying on just a few.

    I want the Center to be connected to your work! We have some very powerful overlaps – and I would love to have a conversation about how you define The Common Good – we use that phrase too, and have spent 20 years developing our understanding of it, and of Ethical Leadership.

    How can we talk about this with you? Be aware – our staff is small – 4 people – and our website is modest. Our energy is for the work, and we’re on the road a lot. This week, of course, is our annual event – so we’re all crazed with it (we give awards to Ethical Leaders who fly under the radar and are doing profound work we just have to bring into the limelight). I would love to find a time & place to talk about our shared values, and move your project forward! I’ll email you next week to start the convo – does that work for you?

    Rebecca Lane
    Center for Ethical Leadership


    1. Rebecca, thanks! We’re getting a lot of requests, trying to figure out how to manage all, and how we should ask people to support each other.

      For now, can I ask you to use the contact us stuff on our site? that way, the team has a chance of managing it.

      Is that okay?




  2. I have an unshakable trust in your talent and passion. Just as you’ve made Craigslist a worldwide, historic phenomenon in this digital era, I am confident that craigsconnects will duplicate or even surpass your pass successes and achievements.


  3. Thanks for offering this! I hope at some point my small personal foundation will qualify to be included. I/we offer small,instant grants to every day people who have suffered an unexpected catastrophe. In 2010, our inaugural year, we paid rents for a person who broke her back and as a result of all the challenges to the significant other, he committed suicide. It left her with no means to continue to pay her rent. She moved into public housing until she can recover.

    We also contributed to the effort locally to replace a furnace for an elderly lady who had given much to her community over the years.

    We try to focus on local people whose plights can be quietly verified keeping dignity in tact.

    I’m incorporated in the State of Michigan as a charitable organization and am working on my 501c3. At this time, I fund the needs from personal resources, tiny though they are!

    Thanks again and congratulations to you for giving back!

    Dori, Founder and Director
    Fast Help Foundation


  4. We are all trained volunteers who are (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocates for children who have been put into the court system do to abuse or neglect. We are the child’s only voice in court whose sole interest is the well being of the child. We follow the children in all aspects of their lives, meeting with everyone who has any knowledge of the child or situation and strive to find them a permanent and safe home. We frequently are at odds with recommendations of government programs that tend to warehouse children. Our organization is caring for the children in one of the poorest counties in TN. We currently have another 100+ children that desperately in need of a CASA in our county, but we are about to go under due to lack of funds. Our volunteers are making many personal sacrifices to try to help these beautiful children – but our obstacles are many. We have one of the highest problems for meth and consequently many drug exposed infants and children come into the system almost daily. I tell you this to give you a very abbreviated view of our mission and to ask if we can become one of your preferred organizations to help raise funds outside our tiny community. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, whether it be fund raising assistance, volunteers, any assistance with grant requests, etc,. The future of these children is dire – please help us help them.

    Thank you for your time.

    Deborah – Volunteer and Board Member


  5. Craig,

    Thanks for applying your passion and talents to the significant challenge of building connections between and support of non-profits. If the non-profit world can made to work like the Web, the power of the whole should grows as the square of the number of nodes! Our node is more than happy to help your efforts in any way we can.

    Steve Bratt
    World Wide Web Foundation


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