Talking at ICANN about craigconnects in context

(These are just notes, but my team suggested worth sharing. /craig)

First, let’s remember that there are a lot of people suffering in Japan, and I’m happy that people like us have built the means for others to help them out faster, like through the use of people finders and Ushahidi

If you want to “win the future”, you invent it (usually powerful elite controls the tools, esp. communication, no longer)

– in part, nerds/techs invented, ala Gutenberg, or Marconi

– policy wonks, like Luther, Paul, Roosevelt, Hitler used the tech (learned that you normally lose control of message) afterwards the new tech is used by the powerful to entrench themselves further  (see this in growingincome inequality)

now nerds taking more active role
plastic pocket protector, etc.
abnormal social affect: prefer to make a difference
recent TED talk introduced me as stepping away from a billion dollars deal

NOT altruistic; given nerd social affect, just what feels right
(and yes, I really am a nerd, despite my tiger blood and Adonis DNA)
tech powers used for good, not for personal gain
not noble or altruistic
yes, I’m stereotyping,

– (well represented at conf)

as accurate or more than most contemporary media
getting better
me: customer service

– Center for Public Integrity
board membership, new
fact checking
accountability journalism
truth in labeling for interviewees
I dunno the news business, have been shown how the sausage is made
and I’d prefer a sausage of much higher quality

– Sunlight Foundation
accountability and transparency
shows you where the money comes from, where it goes, and how gets what favors

– net neutrality
mostly I keep my mouth shut
services not delivered, full billing though… trustworthy?
use of public property, they charge us for the use of our stuff
should respect values, good faith level playing field
no privilege for the elite

– craigslist
customer service, anchors to reality
every day I see people in need that use the site to survive
barter, free sections
people of good will happy to work together
bad guys out there, very tiny percentage
me: not mgr, CSR, anchors to reality, grassroots

NOT altruistic, and am stereotyping

– craigconnects
20 year mission (really forever, recall a certain five year mission to boldly go
where no nerd has gone before)

1. Stand up for, bear witness to the people and groups who do good stuff, and are effective at getting the job done.

2. share the platform for them to get the word out regarding their efforts

3. provide a platform for them to stand up for other groups of good will who get stuff done

4. possibly be a model for others to get involved with and to bear witness to others’ good efforts

5.  I want the organizations I’m supporting to talk to each other and support each other more.

6.  I want my fellow nerds and others of good will to check out what I’ve done, and stand up for what they
believe in, publicly on the Net

7.  There’re a very few bogus nonprofits out there, with a good story, and good accounts receivable, who
talk about “awareness raising” etc, and who cash checks mostly for salary. working with Charity Navigator
v2, Greatnonprofits, and others, to address the problem.

NOT cyber-utopianism, no such thing, we’re talking a long term exercise in human behavior. based on my
observations doing customer service

The deal is that people of good will can work together through the Net, promoting their own visions of the
common good. Already happening, and we all have lots more in common.


– Perspective

I live near Haight-Ashbury, and hear a lot about their influence from the sixties, truth in that.

However, one group is building the means to change the world, and is succeeding, via social media. That’s us,
whether you call us technologists, techno-hippies, or Trekkies.

The attitude that we can work together for the common good is happening.

That’s to say that the Trekkies have won.

I for one, welcome our nerdly overlords

Live long and prosper!

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