Inveneo, providing serious tech in the developing world

(Hey, these guys are the real deal, so let’s hear them speak for themselves.)

Inveneo is a great San Francisco-based organization that helps other nonprofits deploy and use the tools of technology (software, hardware, power) in challenging places throughout the developing world. This means that we work with healthcare, education and microfinance groups to identify the right technologies for their needs and for their environments, where power is intermittent, humidity and dust are a computer’s worst enemy, and where novice users can’t always manage their systems.

Inveneo trains and certifies our “partner businesses,” small-to-medium sized IT companies based in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, to deploy and support these technologies. Since last January, we have also been working in earthquake-ravaged Haiti to assist both nonprofits and public groups through a program to extend wireless connectivity into rural areas. Craig has also been working with us to potentially support our work in Palestine, where we’re helping to connect youth centers across the West Bank. In total, Inveneo and our partners operate in over 2 dozen countries and have impacted over 1.6 million people. Check out this video that highlights our first trained entrepreneur in Haiti, Jerry Joseph, and visit the Inveneo website for more examples of our work.

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  1. The sad, prevailing thing, is twofold.:
    1) The clever tend to aggregate the world wealth unto themselves and sit on it like so many overstuffed, undertaxed hens, leaving a growing majority in deeper straits…
    2) The poorer the country, the higher the birthrate, as if they feel they need all the offspring they can produce, as so many of their offspring will die prematurely. This is a “Deathrace-Birthrace”…

    Despite all the advances of technology, the overall “global misery index” is wider and deeper than in the past, no?


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