Okay, I’m listening, figuring out what’s next

Hey, everyone, I’m grateful for all your feedback on craigconnects.  Good ideas, folks!

Also, I’ve gotten tons requests from nonprofits, and we’re building a process to handle and scale the (higher-than-anticipated) demand.  Please continue to give me feedback.

Please bear with me, it’ll take time, as I boldy go where no nerd has gone before.


0 thoughts on “Okay, I’m listening, figuring out what’s next

  1. Hey Craig,

    We have exchanged brief messages about my film, which focuses on the transition from active duty to student/civilian life and the problems that occur. If you know of anyone that might want to help or be a part of the film, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    This film is intended to help those that have had similar problems to the subjects of the film.


  2. Craig,

    Are you still hanging at @SXSWi ? Saw you were there too!! 🙂
    I Appreciate you and what you created with the original Craigslist. I started using it 10 years ago and watched it explode. Meanwhile, thank you personally for all the clients and money I made on it!!
    Look forward to your Next Big Projects and I would love to help with “new beginnings”!!
    I have a project someone is working on and ready for investment community to look at. If possible, would love to connect the dots. It is a definite worth looking at and submitted to me 2 days ago!



  3. Craig, this sounds like EXACTLY the kind of thing you’re already great at doing. Good idea! I’m trying to decide if I can/should try to go pitch in on the ground in Japan…I was stationed at Yokota AFB on the West edge of Tokyo at one time…they’re assisting….


  4. Hm. You know, the Air Force runs Cargo planes in and out of Yokota AFB from the West Coast.

    Normally it’s just for GIs, Vets, and supplies…but I wonder if they might let civilians hitch a ride to assist in the efforts?

    Craig, I know a guy in SF who knows Colin Powell, if you have any ideas or interest.


  5. is it possible to cover san diego county. We are pretty contiguous and easy to get to almost all parts. When we want to sell something it would really help if we could talk to the whole county. its not like we are la or one of the really big population centers. only so many people in a small pool are interested in widgets. Possible????


  6. Hey Craig.

    I know that this is what you’re made for and I just want to let you know that you are doing a great job.

    I have appreciated everything that you have done since Craigslist. Keep up the good work..we’re rooting for ya.


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