Kiva microfinance hits new milestone

Kiva’s a big microlending group, one that I’ve worked with for a few years, focusing personally on helping out small business in the West Bank. Here’s my portfolio, and yes, I need to make more loans.

They’ve had an exciting month, including a redesigned website, making for a more user-friendly lender experience.

Just last week, Kiva also announced that $200 million in loans had been funded. Kiva gave its first loan in 2005, reached the $100 million mark in November of 2009, and reached $200 million on March 17th. This means that with the help of 126 Field Partners, they have been able to provide loans to over 520,000 people in 58 countries around the world! Check ’em out at

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  1. Received a message from them last week that they are no longer on Facebook. I am surprised since that was a great way to experience viral growth.


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