Some progress supporting common goals

Okay, while we’re figuring out how to do more and better, here’re a few recent highlights, in a more condensed form than last time. I’m tired.

  • ongoing/frequent support:
    • vets/military families including jobs, health records
    • classrooms via DonorsChoose
  • lots of connecting one group to another (esp. water, veterans, mideast)
  • helping how to really do serious mass pro/am factchecking effort
  • Knight News Challenge competition review (focus: business model, trust)
  • South by Southwest
    • Accelerator for news related startups, focusing on trust issues
    • talking with groups for nonprofit infrastructure, eg CharityNavigator, Guidestar, Care2, Network for Good, others
    • funding pilot for English teaching in schools in the West Bank
  • whole bunch of interviews regarding craigconnects and social media
  • meeting re Science XPrize, Singularity University, and Kairos Society
  • Shorty Awards culmination
  • reconnect with VotoLatino
  • taking a look at online water programs (, charity:water, Water for People)

0 thoughts on “Some progress supporting common goals

  1. Looking forward to starting a non-profit to raise money for children and animals. My business plan is unique and money wlll be earned by my charity. Love to share the concept. Brad


  2. Craig,
    I can not imagine how it might feel like to be in your position right now. You announce that you are going to start a project, and then you must be buried already with asks and demands and other people’s ideas. “No good deed goes un-punished”. I truly hope you can do the work you set out to do, on your terms. Go man go.


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