Social innovation speed dating in San Francisco

Hey, folks, Code for America is a bunch of people building government style software that’s actually useful for people.

They’ve joined forces with Simpl, the social innovation market place,that connects innovators with the public sector to bring about radical change.

The deal is to bring together people with ideas and people who can offer support to make those ideas a reality – for social good in the city. Whether it’s a new way of using the web to meet some of the city’s challenges, a new idea for a non-profit or just to get a frustration off you chest and look for people to work with to fix it, this event is for you!


Sign up for the event on Tuesday here:


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  1. I’m a strong supporter of you Craig, I just don’t know about using social networking this way. I really wonder how it helps people in need. I’m all for innovation but lots of us formerly successful people are practically starving here in silicon valley. one reason? AGE DISCRIMINATION in hiring. I really want to see the President and the powers that be embrace the wisdom and experience of us people over 50. And over 60. HOW???? Kind regards, Deborah


    1. Deborah, I don’t mean to offend, but your attitude is typical of people who thought the tech bubble was going to last forever and acted accordingly. I too, was a 53 year old who was suddenly cast out of a high paying tech job. But we cannot blame “age discrimination”. It is no different whatever industry you are in. Companies want youth for a lot of reasons you know, so I won’t list here. But we cannot wait for a handout from the “powers that be”. I took the bull by the horns and made my own success in a smaller town and a different industry. It CAN be done.


  2. Sharing ideas and concerns offers the opportunity to join forces to achieve the seemingly impossible. Expanding my own concept of how this is accomplished is the first step to change.


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