Acumen Fund gets real stuff done across the world

The deal is that the Acumen fund just had its tenth anniversary, helping create a world beyond poverty.

The gist is that they use philanthropic money to make actual investments. Today, there are a 192 registered social impact funds using a combination of philanthropic and invested capital to create change.

By the end of their first year, the team could fit around a small kitchen table. Now they’re spread across the world in India, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Dubai, Ghana, and San Francisco.

They’ve invested $60 million in 57 companies since the beginning, reaching tens of millions with clean drinking water, quality sanitation, affordable hybrid seeds and drip irrigation systems, efficient emergency medical transportation, and low-income housing. Lots more’s going on.

They’ve also trained and supported 44 fellows, launched their first local fellows program in Kenya, seeded 10 chapters, and invested in building the sector.

The world looks different, in part, because Acumen exists, and they  exist only because of people like you who support their work and contribute in different ways. So visit the Acumen site, take a look around, and consider what  you can do to help or change the world in your own way. It would be a true birthday gift.

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