My DonorsChoose thing for military families/teachers classrooms

Okay, I figure that a lot of military families send their kids to schools that could really use a hand, not only for classroom projects, but also all kinds of basic supplies.

DonorsChoose helps out, where a teacher can list projects and the funding they need to proceed, and provides serious accountability per project. In low income schools, a “project” might be about getting enough supplies to last the year, and we don’t want teachers paying that out of their way-too-low salaries.

The folks at DonorsChoose have located a bunch of schools that serve  large numbers of the kids of military families, and about fifty thousand dollars worth of projects.

My deal? Check out this link, and consider some contribution. I’ll match each one. It’s that simple.

You might recognize this as a continuation of a previous Stephen Colbert effort, and he’s got something really good going with Jimmy Fallon, but I feel you should support the bigger nerd.

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