Craigslist Foundation’s LikeMinded Connects Leaders with Ideas for Local Change

Folks, for around a year, Craigslist Foundation has been working on LikeMinded, a new online tool for local change makers that launches today. The deal is that people do great work in their neighborhoods and local communities, but no one hears about ’em.

LikeMinded will collect stories of local innovations, success, and sometimes even failures and help information get where it needs to go, whether that is to other community activists, potential collaborators, or the media. This helps other people replicate successes in their own communities.

Last summer, Craigslist Foundation got a 3-year grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation’s Technology for Engagement Initiative to build and develop LikeMinded.

It’s for anyone who cares about their neighborhood or town, free and no login is needed to discover local stories. LikeMinded was built especially for people who want to change something in their community but don’t know where to start. It’s also designed for leaders of successful community projects to get credit for their good work and inspire others.

Craigslist Foundation has also been working with stakeholders in local communities (mayors, city managers, museums, libraries, communities of faith, local business, etc.) to spread their insights across the community and encourage greater collaboration. LikeMinded’s homepage is a great starting point.

The LikeMinded team has also created some videos to walk you through each feature of the site.

What story from your town should be added to LikeMinded?

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