Personal craigconnects commitment (update 3)

This stuff is real, my casual way to show I’m following through with craigconnects. It relates to the feedback/action cycle that took several years at craigslist. My team and I are trying to move much faster, condensing years into weeks. While we’re figuring out what actions we should take, based on your feedback, here’s more…

  • ongoing/frequent support:
    • vets/military families including jobs, health records (much in support of First Lady’s initiative)
    • classrooms via DonorsChoose — big new matching grants thing, ala Colbert
    • lots of connecting one group to another (esp. water, veterans, mideast)
    • helping how to really do serious mass professional/citizen factchecking effort
    • how to help charity rating services, including “donor fatigue” issues
    • how to build a network providing infrastructure for nonprofits
  • major commitment to networking schools in the West Bank of Palestine, and for English language scholarships (Partnership for a New Beginning stuff)
  • whole bunch of interviews regarding craigconnects and social media
  • social media and other support for good groups

(The Red-tailed Hawk? It’s a visitor to my home office, just outside, appropos of nothing.)

0 thoughts on “Personal craigconnects commitment (update 3)

  1. I would like to know why I have recieved an email been Red Flaged and Removed for an ad that doesn’t even belong to me? I have a 2002 Harley Davidson 1200 custom ad. Not a 2005 Harley Davidson Softail ad but they do seem to have the same listing number. This is only my second time listing with Craig’s List. Is this a common problem? Can expect to hear anything back on this?


  2. Hi Regina,
    This happens with every very successful site. It’s a form of spam/phishing. There is every reason under the sun to do it, it is unfortunately part of the DNA of the Internet experience. It is also illegal for the sending parties, which are entities NOT from the site they say. In this case, they are using CL to send the spam because it’s such a great site. Luckily, these things are not generally persistent. Also there are things that can be done, like flagging an ad to self police. It’s part of the communities responsibility to clean up things like this. This is a wake up call for many…doing a bit of volunteer work to make the entire thing good for everyone. At least that’s how I see it. Cheers!


  3. The reason I haven’t completed my listing I’m having trouble getting my 3 item on my add. Till I have some help placing my ad . Please delete it

    Bill Alexander


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