Veterans Affairs Palo Alto social media outreach to vets

Hey, the folks at the Palo Alto VA center are doing a great job, now using Facebook for social media outreach to local vets, to provide more services for returning troops.

Check it out at They’re getting high scores here and here and for that matter, on Yelp. I also just read that Lisa Freeman, who’s director of the Palo Alto VA center, was cited as one of Silicon Valley’s Most Influential Women. I’ve met her and staff and Veterans at VA Palo Alto, very impressed (and note to self, check out “flat lesions”). Bay Area folks should know that they have one of the best VAs in the country and that couldn’t happen without outstanding leadership.


The deal is that VA centers across the country are doing a lot of this, starting with the main Veterans Affairs Facebook page, and a directory of Facebook pages for VA facilities across the country.  Also check out the Veterans Affairs Health page.

Please do me a favor, and Like their pages, and spread the word!

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  1. As a social media coordinator for a non-profit, I have to say that I have been very impressed with the social media outreach by VA Palo Alto. Particularly their use of facebook as a means of distributing information, to veterans in the bay area. As veteran, my experiences with VA Palo Alto have all been very positive.


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