Helping schools serving military families (DonorsChoose match update)

Hey, like Stephen Colbert, I’m doing this matching grants thing for classrooms in schools that serve military families.

We’ve already got 150 donors, supporting 35 projects, and 6086 students, and that number will update after I post this.

Please check it out at

(for some reason it only shows the very newest donor count, always 1.)

I’d really appreciate it if you could help out with the remaining projects, please check out

which shows 21 unfunded projects

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  1. Hi Craig. Would you be willing to put my project on your page. I teach with Debbie G. and we have many military at our school. I have 7 children in my room with parents in the military. My husband, myself and our 2 children were in the Navy for 21 years.

    Thank you for supporting our families who deal with their parent when out on deployments.


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