Global TechCamps, serious about democracy and tech

Lots going on in the world where people use tech to genuinely promote democracy, and the State Department is doing it for real, check out their TechCamp stuff:

TechCamps convene Civil Society organizations with technology ‘superstars’ to define and develop new technology solutions. By creating a stronger, networked civil society, we preemptively ready response to natural and man-made disasters and increase the digital literacy of social good organizations around the world.

TechCamps are an exciting new innovation in development.  By incorporating civil society, the private sector and individual technologists – we spark long term engagement and partnerships around some of the world’s greatest challenges.  Jakarta is focused on Disaster Response and Climate Change, Moldova in June is focused on Open Government and Lithuania, also in June will be focused on Internet Technology and Humanitarian Response. We have several others planned throughout the year.

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