Hawk mystery resolved!

Okay, I have Cooper’s Hawks (banded tail feathers), and Red-tailed Hawks…

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  1. I’ve been on the verge of writing you to ask when your regular blogging would resume.
    Glad to see it back.


  2. You may well have both Cooper’s and Red-tailed Hawks, but in these photos I think you only have Red-tailed. The banded-tail bird looks like a juvenile Red-tailed to me.

    Also glad to see you back and posting (especially posting bird photos). 🙂



  3. I dont believe the ‘banded’ is a juvey.
    Its definately not a Redtail. if you look close enuf, you are able to see the rows & numbers of the first and secondary group of quills,just under the main flight feathers.you can see how the actual curve(shape)of the skeleton itsself…and how different their flight would be.besides~ theres a diff. in the amount/placement of the feathers.and the bands are completely different in girth. that doesnot change thru stages of maturity-they also have a slightly different pattern on the shaft itself.
    thanks for reading, Peace.


  4. Debb, I’m not sure what features you’re saying call the ID as a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk into question, but in looking more closely and trying to focus on the things you describe, I’m still seeing Red-tailed (and certainly not Cooper’s, though I’m not sure if you’re supporting that ID, or just saying it’s not a Red-tailed).

    Here are some other images of juvenile Red-tailed Hawks for comparison purposes:






  5. Folks, you’re the experts, and in any case, I really appreciate it, thanks! /Craig


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