A few words at the Guardian Activate conference

Okay, I’m talking about craigconnects and asking people to spend a little time in ways that can really make a difference. I might actually be funny, but can’t tell, and hate viewing my own videos, so please check it out.


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  1. Hi, Mr. Newmark. 🙂

    I hope you get this conference video on to your YouTube channel. I’ll use a properly attributed screenshot until then. I’m freelancing for an emerging nonprofit and taking some direction from your efforts. I really appreciate your work so far.

    (As a former tv news producer, I’ll tell you: you don’t deliver the side-splitting funnies, but that negligible deficit is more than made up for with your self-effacing charm and sincerity. Sincerity is totally golden viewing. 😉 )


  2. Maybe there is some Guardian activities you can do on Craig’s List that would really make a difference in just one life.
    My recent experience with CL (over the past 4 months) has been very negetive when it comes to the safety and well being of it’s posters or the legality of what some of it’s posters post and what CL allows to remain posted. I made a huge mistake when I first started posting on CL and made my true name and location be known on a post. Partly out of anger and partly on anothers posters dare. Since that time I have been harassed and maligned on a daily basis (I don’t think I am exaggerating on this, if so, only a day or two might have been missed along the way). I recieved a death threat and have been portrayed as a child molester who has raped his son as a way to intimidate me from posting on CL. The death threat was immediately sent to the “Harassment Help” on CL and to the city’s police chief. I never heard anything back from CL on the matter while the police chief contacted me and interviewed me about the threat. Here are a couple of posts that refer to me as a child molester:

    hey jeffy chomo (baaahahaha)

    Date: 2011-05-19, 8:21PM MST
    Reply to:
    Reply To This Post
    [Errors when replying to ads?]

    hey dick head I saw that pic you posted for moveing to havasu is that a picture of your kids ass after you tore him up??????

    Location: baaahahaha
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 2391674497


    re moveing to havasu (welcome yahew!)

    Date: 2011-05-19, 8:17PM MST
    Reply to:
    Reply To This Post

    glad to have another jeff stone chomo hater! welcome aboard!notice jeff got some tan on that ugly face of his.he’s probaly been out side watching the little kids playing in the park.
    Location: welcome yahew!

    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 2391669432


    Chomo is slang for Child Molester. Did you notice the date on the posts? Yes, that’s right, they are from yesterday! Did you also notice how they mention me by name? A clear violation of CL’s TOS. I live in a rather small community in Arizona, small enough that running into someone who also posts on CL is not out of the realm of possibility.
    Last Tuesday, the 10th of May, I was at the pharmacy and when the young lady behind the counter called my name to pick up my prescription the gentleman next to me said; “Are you that Jeff Stone on CL that they say is a child molester?” Or words to that effect. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t breath and it took all I had just to get out the door as the rest of the people in that pharmacy looked on. I notified CL again through their “Harassment Help” and heard nothing back. Day before yesterday I emailed Craig directly with copies of the posts and he did respond. He said that he had refered this to his “team” NOW! He CCed it to a Clint Powell. That same evening another post was posted calling me a child molester, by name, and I notified both Craig and Clint. Nothing was done. I emailed them again demanding that something be done about that post and the other posts of the past still available to readers portraying me as a child molester. Clint emailed me and said that the current post had been deleted but didn’t mention anything about the old posts. As far as I know they are still available to read. Yesterday I recieved the two I copied here for you to read, I immediatly emailed Craig and Clint asking them to do something, to my knowledge those posts are still up and available to read. I have been all but ignored and the posts keep coming and when I say something about it to those that can do something about it they don’t! This is criminal harassment, defined by local, county, state and federal laws and CL, no not CL but Craig himself, has chosen to all but ignore it. I have asked for information, if they plan on providing me with any information, if I need to subpeona CL to obtain that information and what CL plans on doing about curtailing or ending it; and that was this morning! I have not heard one thing back from anyone at CL!
    So, maybe one person is not enough to cause concern.

    Jeff Stone
    Lake Havasu City, AZ


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