Voto Latino gets young Latinos to register to vote

Hey, I’ve been working with these guys, they do a great job helping people with their voting rights.

Check out, and their Facebook page, maybe do me a favor and Like it.

Here’s a little more from their site.

Founded in 2004, Voto Latino is shaking-up America’s political establishment by bringing thousands of young Latinos into the political process. A non-partisan, nonprofit civic engagement organization, Voto Latino has produced award-winning, multiple-media campaigns headlined by celebrity voicesthat encourage young Latinos to register to vote and get engaged. Voto Latino strongly believes it is this new generation of young American Latinos who will shape America’s democracy for a generation.

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  1. america” the melting pot” absorbs people of the world and all are americans. when any distinct culture decides it needs to be the dominant one, we loss the meaning of america and i will fight to the death to keep america from becoming an extension of any culture/country


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