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Hey, sometimes we need help with recommendations regarding nonprofits, since we want to help out legit charities that are also effective and get the job done. This helps us personally overcome “donor fatigue” wherein we hesitate to contribute, since we hear too much news regarding bogus nonprofits.

One of the leaders of the field is GuideStar, and they’re getting the job done. Check it out:

We’re moving on a number of fronts to achieve our long held goal of revolutionizing philanthropy and nonprofit practice with many of the different groups who we touch.

For donors, we are focusing on two areas:  acquiring more and better data that will help them make better decision and presenting it in a way that is easy to read and understand.  Keep an eye out for integration of key impact oriented information from our recent acquisition, Philanthropedia, as well as data from the Charting Impact project, Rootcause and Givewell.

We are also looking at launching data aimed at the other big area that is important to all donors, legitimacy. In the second area, making information easier to read and understand, we’ve taken feedback from the Money for Good study, which talked to literally thousands of donors, as well as feedback from donors on our site, and are planning to make enhancements to the site that will substantially change how donors make their donation decisions, based on what’s important to them.

For our institutional funders and professionals who recommend nonprofits to donors, we are investing in ways to make it easier for them to take deep, comprehensive views inside nonprofits they are donating to and make decisions that funnel money to the highest performing nonprofits. We’ve done well the past few years in creating tools and information that help them make their decisions, and we will continue to work on providing the most up to date and comprehensive information to them in easy to access ways.

The last group, and the one who will see the most profound changes in upcoming months, is our Nonprofits.  We took a long look at the sector last year and decided that we had a great role to play in creating efficiencies in how nonprofits communicate and share with funders and other stakeholders.  We will be rolling out tools and programs in the upcoming months that focus on how nonprofits can efficiently and effectively reach funding sources, making that process as easy as possible so that they can spend their time on the things that are important to them, their programs, results and impact.  Working with our vast partner network, we will be introducing ways for nonprofits and donors to access common sets of information in ways that make their operations the most efficient, accurate and effective that they can be.

We know that GuideStar’s unique role at the center of the data flow in the nonprofit sector gives us unique opportunities, and with the help of important partners such as Independent Sector and BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Network for Good, Causes, our Community Foundations and Donor Advised Funds, and countless others, we can continue to build a network where information flows freely, allowing funders and other stakeholders to make decisions with knowledge and confidence, based on what’s important to them.

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