Dept of Veterans Affairs asks employees how to do better

A lot’s going on in Washington that few people hear about, where VA employees figure out how to serve vets better. They organize using Net-based tech, and let the boss know of stuff like redundant work that can be eliminated.  Here’s the next phase of their innovation efforts.

On behalf of the Under Secretary for Health and the VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2), we are excited to announce the launch of the 2011 VA Employee Innovation Competition website to solicit ideas that improve Veterans’ health and health care. The site may be found at:

All Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees and contractors may participate. Participants are encouraged to think creatively about how we can accelerate the transformation of VA to an organization that is Veteran-centric, results-driven, and forward-looking.

Additional information on the submission process:

*      The website will stop accepting new submissions on June 3, 2011

*      The website will be open for votes from June 6-10, 2011.

*      The top 100 ideas will be invited to submit a full proposal.  A copy of the invitation will be provided to the Medical Center Director.

*      A cross-functional, inter-departmental committee of experts will review the proposals and select the most promising ideas for funding.

Official documentation about the process and website may be found at:

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