Tenderloin Technology Lab, newly refurbished

“The Tenderloin Technology Lab (TTL), a partnership between St. Anthony Foundation and San Francisco Network Ministries, unveiled a newly refurbished technology lab yesterday. In addition, the event celebrated a decade long partnership between the University of San Francisco (USF) and the Tenderloin Technology Lab in their efforts to narrow the digital divide. The TTL serves more than 100 people a day who come in to take computer classes, use a computer, or meet with a staff member.

“Joining the festivities was Craig Newmark, the founder of the San Francisco-based international website Craigslist. Newmark provided the funds to upgrade the RAM needed as well as connect the Tech Lab with Comcast to improve Internet speed throughout the lab.”

[I’d add my appreciation to Comcast, they had to go the extra length to get connectivity to that underserved neighborhood.]

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