Really great baby finch raising photos

Hey, Alek O. Komarnitsky does a great job with these, far better than my own half-assed work.

Check ’em out at Watching Grass Grow

0 thoughts on “Really great baby finch raising photos

  1. But what will happen when the front door is opened or slammed shut? Will the nest fall and all the finch eggs go “splat”?


  2. As the person who has that nest on my front door, I can tell you that Momma Finch has done a good job building it – very sturdy – would take quite a slam to make things move and the wreath would probably fall before the nest would come out of it.

    And once we realized the nest was there, we “blocked” the door and don’t use it. A bit of a pain, but worth it to help out the birds.

    Having said all that, SOME SAD NEWS! 😦

    Momma Finch hasn’t been seen since 8:00PM on June 3rd … so something pretty bad must have happened for her to abandon the nest. Poppa Finch has come back very briefly to check on the eggs, but otherwise, the 4 eggs are there all by their lonesome … 😦


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