Too kind remarks from the Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

They’re way to kind, but anyway, first, a coupla articles, then some Twittering:

  • Love it: “@Mickipedia: “Getting out of the way is a much underrated organizational skill.” – Craig Newmark #clfbc”
  • @craignewmark at #clfbc was the most entertaining and inspirational conversation I had heard all day.
  • “Start at the grassroots, stay engaged, do what you can to get the word out.” – @craignewmark #clfbc
  • We should reinforce each other’s work #craig #clfbc
  • RT @sairy: “This decade is pivotal… it’s the time when everyone gets a chance to stand up for what they believe in” via social media – Craig #clfbc
  • “Stand up for the people doing the real work.” – Craig #clfbc #nonprofits #nptech #socialgood #socmed
  • RT @sairy: Craig: “The arc of the universe is bending toward justice… more quickly these days… join FB & Twitter [&] you’re a part of that.” #clfbc
  • Craig recommends “@greatnonprofits as a way of engaging with their communities.” #clfbc
  • There’s only one Craig Newmark! Hero Nerd! #clfbc
  • Craig Connects is Craig “bearing witness” to organizations he’s workedwith & supported: nonprofits & gov’t. #clfbc

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