Networking vocational schools in the West Bank, and more

Well, I figure one of the best things you can do for others is to give them a voice and help them get jobs. From first hand experience, getting Internet connectivity in schools and community centers gets the job done. Well, last week it was formally announced that I’ve joined the US Partners for a New Beginning, viewing my bit in the spirit of the Marshall Plan and just giving others a break.

This is with the full support of the US, Palestinian, and Israeli governments.

PNB member Craig Newmark, founder of the Craigslist Foundation and, has newly committed over $100,000.00 to provide internet connectivity for 17 vocational schools in the West Bank through a program spearheaded by Cisco, Inveneo, and USAID. In addition, Craig has partnered with MYTecC – the Mediterranean Youth Technology Club by committing $50,000.00 toward their creation of a human network which will support and enhance dialogue and web2.0-based exchange among youth from Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Israel, and Turkey.

Note that it’s not just about networking vocational schools, it’s also about connecting people. This complements similar networking with Inveneo in Haiti and Kenya. It’s also related to the microfinance in the West Bank using, CHF International, and funding a latrine at a high school in Jericho.

More to come, there’s always more to come.

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  1. A wonderful initiative that will help connect this new generation of youth in a much more positive way with the wider world.
    Congratulations on contributing in a practical sense to the world.


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