Bill and Warren Day, business as a force for change

Hey, people in businesses are getting serious about making the world better, in more effective ways. One next step is Bill and Warren Day.

Here’s the deal:

The date isn’t a random one.  It’s the anniversary of the day in 2006 when billionaire Warren Buffett announced that he would give his vast fortune to charity, with the bulk of the proceeds going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bill and Warren Day honors this spirit of giving back, and invites companies and individuals to pledge to celebrate the day at their place of business on June 24. This June 24 celebrate the power of business as a force for change by recognizing the commitment made by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to create a better world. With our commitment to do the same.

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  1. I believe one day there will not be any one poor in the world . That we will find the cure for every disease . All wars will come to an end and we as a species can work together towards a bright future . We as humans can achieve any thing we imagine its proven .


  2. There’s an interesting lecture by Rob Reich, of Stanford U. on youtube, entitled “The Promise and Peril of the New Social Economy,” which directly relates to this topic.

    (the lecture starts at minute 28 of the video)

    While it is great that more businesses are getting involved in philanthropy, Reich suggests that there is also a potential danger because of things like too much emphasis on traditional measurements of ROI (for example, focusing on financial performance requirements in micro-lending).


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