Help TruthSquad do factchecking in Baltimore

Hey, it’s up to us to do the factchecking that we see little of, in TV or newspapers.

The folks at Truthsquad are pioneering local fact-checking, with a pilot that examines Gov. O’ Malley’s claim about Maryland public schools.

NewsTrust’s kicking off its first local fact-checking experiment in Baltimore, based on their crowdsourced Truthsquad platform, the deal is to network professionals and citizens for factchecking.

NewsTrust is fact-checking a statement from Gov. Martin O’Malley about Maryland’s schools. Can you help research this statement?

Maryland has “America’s number one public school system.” by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley

Anyone can participate in this Truthsquad on the NewsTrust Baltimore site, a local news pilot funded by Open Society Foundations. When researching this claim, participants are encouraged to keep an open mind and focus on verifiable facts, not just opinions. Links to factual evidence are included on the site, to help citizens learn more on this topic. A full report will be published next week, including both community and expert findings.  Read more on the NewsTrust Baltimore blog.

NewsTrust has now partnered with the Center for Public Integrity to develop a daily fact-checking service on, which is expected to launch in fall 2011. Advisors include Craig Newmark and Brooks Jackson, director of Read more about the first Truthsquad experiments on the NewsTrust pilot page.

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