DonorsChoose: a real way to help schools serving military families

Okay, you’ve seen the bad news regarding schools that serve military families.

However, if you want to help, effectively and quickly, here’s one way, which I’m already doing, and might do more.

With DonorsChoose a teacher can post classroom projects that need funding, and people can help fund those projects, a few dollars at a time. This is a big deal for low-income schools, which sometimes lack basics for kids, like pens and paper.

Some of these schools primarily serve military families, so I’m matching contributions to projects in those schools.

So far, 63 projects and over 12,994 students have been matched and fully funded via this effort. There’s around $8000 remaining in my matching account and fifteen projects are currently eligible for matching funding.

Here’re all of the projects that have been matched and funded so far, along with thank you notes from the teachers supported. A few of them have already posted classroom photos too!

Note that this is for schools in the US, but I’m already (constructively?) prodding some pertinent parties about extending this to the schools that the military runs overseas.

Should I extend my projects, maybe doubling my grants challenge?

Please consider doing a little funding, for these projects, maybe others? Thanks!

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