Announcing the Awards for the Vets and Military Families Challenge Giveaway

Hey, I’m real happy to announce the winners of the Veterans and Military Families Challenge Giveaway.

Each of the organizations work tirelessly to support America’s veterans and military families. I’m honored to be able to donate $100,000 in grants to reward their amazing work. I’d also like to thank the individuals who made over 850 personal donations to each of the groups raising over $25,000.

For real, each group gets the job done, and is a real inspiration.

  1. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: Donations: 307 Raised: $7,960 Grant: $40K
  2. Intrepid Museum Foundation: Donations: 232 Raised: $6,485 Grant: $30K.
  3. Bob Woodruff Foundation: Donations: 223 Raised: $8,768 Grant: $20K.
  4. Blue Star Families: Donations: 94 Raised: $1,990 Grant: $15K.

Monetary support is a wonderful way to help but there are so many ways we can each give. As I’ve said before if someone is willing to risk a bullet to protect me, least I can do is to support them. That means helping returning vets get jobs, get the medical and educational benefits they’ve earned, support for their families, and lots more.

Now I gotta write some checks…

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