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You can imagine how excited we at KIND Snacks were to find out that Craig is running a competition this month to honor and support our veterans. Although we would admire this sort of effort at any date or time, this past week, KIND was working towards the same goal!

As you may know, earlier this year, we kicked off our newest iteration of Do the KIND Thing, which gives people the power to turn their one act of kindness into a BIG KIND Act for a group of people that really needs it. Here’s how it works:

On the first Tuesday of each month (KIND Tuesday), we challenge our entire community to carry out a specific KIND act (KINDING Mission).

If enough people accept the KINDING Mission, we (the KIND team) facilitate a BIG KIND Act for a group of people that really needs it.

For the month of July, we want to honor America’s troops with a Big KIND Act in which we will host an unforgettable homecoming celebration for soldiers returning home from service abroad. We feel that this homecoming celebration, in conjunction with a donation of nearly half a million KIND bars to military bases across the country, would be a perfect way to give thanks to our men in uniform. Therefore, we truly hoped that we would reach our threshold of 1,200 required participants to make this Big KIND Act happen. Well, we were overwhelmed by our community’s response.

This week, nearly 30,000 people across the country pledged to do one act of kindness in order to make this homecoming possible. To date, Do the KIND Thing has inspired an average of monthly 880 acts of kindness– making this month’s nearly 30,000 kind acts an even more staggering show of support for our troops. With this mass showing of KINDNESS from our community, you can be sure that we will be making the homecoming happen! Furthermore, this wave of support indicates that Craig’s recognition of our troops will be enormously appreciated.

Despite the fact that we have reached our threshold, you can still make your KINDNESS count. Sign on to to accept the KINDING Mission and be part of the Movement that is sweeping the nation.

We are excited to be able to make this Big KIND Act happen, and look forward to seeing the winner of Craig’s grant competition!

Adeena is an assistant to the Founder and CEO of KIND Snacks and works on the team that develops and manages Do the KIND Thing.

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