A DonorsChoose update, focusing on military families

DonorsChoose.org supports school classrooms with a kind of micro-finance. If a teacher needs funding for classroom projects, he or she can post the project on DonorsChoose, and people can fund it with small contributions and get it done. In many cases, a project is like “get enough pens and paper” if the school district is underfunded.

I got two DonorsChoose efforts going, one’s my Giving Page, which I should push heavier. So far, it’s gotten $52,346 contributed, supporting 5776 students. (I gotta get my act together, to help more.)

More recently, I started a modest effort to support classrooms in schools that primarily serve military families.  (You might recall that I’m piggybacking off an effort by Stephen Colbert.)  As a team, we’ve reached 16,153 students, mostly in military families.

Part of the success of this effort is that I’m personally matching funds up to $25,000, and you can still take part in my personal matching funds effort. There are still 29 efforts to be funded, and I’d really appreciate your help, thanks!

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  1. DonorsChoose.org is a fantastic website that has matched donors with teacher to help public school teachers get the supplies they need for their students and classroom. Thanks, Craig, for being one of the best supporters of Donors Choose. Teachers across the whole country truly appreciate your generosity and support of education and Donors Choose.


  2. Hi Craig, I am very sad with your page last weeks because you spam filters like step-mother of Whiteshonw.
    I am looking for a job and your system to say that I send Spam, the mails don’t arrive to the people and I start to lose the hope with you, I am sorry.
    If you want I can send you a sample of my email, it’s clean, I use differents formats HTML adn Plain, diferent mail accounts and fail (I control them ;-)) What happen, I know that have a LOT of bad boys, but…


  3. I just want to personally thank you for everything that you do to support teachers. We really appreciate all of your efforts!


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