The Veterans Resource Center, new, in San Francisco

It’s a big deal to support vets on a national level, which motivates all the related guest blogging and support for the good working happening at the Dept of Veterans Affairs.

However, local support, from the bottom up, is a big deal, that’s the deal with the new Veterans Resource Center:

The San Francisco Veterans’ Resource Center’s mission is to provide all veterans with the necessary resources to successfully transition into civilian  life.  Working with veterans service organizations, we guide, support, and mentor veterans who are looking for assistance.

This also includes referrals for medical and psychological assistance, job counseling, and also work with potential employers.

I don’t know much about that, but a big part of transition requires Internet skills and access, and to that effect, I’m personally funding much of the computer side of things, including systems, connectivity, and related personnel.

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  1. Nice work Craig. Your support of veterans is truly awesome! Perhaps some more info on location, hours, and volunteer opportunities so we can help.


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