A nonprofit best practice? Get your boards involved in your social media

The deal is that I’m part of a whole bunch of nonprofit boards, sometimes full boards, sometimes advisory boards. Many good nonprofits are having a real hard time getting the word out on their good work, even though their board members have extensive social networks, online and offline.

I’d suggest that they enlist all board members (full and advisory) in ongoing engagement with their networks via social media. That is, every board member should be emailed what they should be updating on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. The messages should be carefully expressed, and not too often.

Then, they’d pass those messages on, by retweeting, and by sharing on Facebook, Google Plus, and so on.

Board members might need a little training in social media, and maybe a reminder regarding misinterpretation, but that’s all very doable.

This seems pretty obvious, so maybe I’m missing obvious problems, and maybe there are unintended consequences. If not, I need to start annoying some people.

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