Kiva microfinance success: a visualization is a really successful way of helping small business create jobs across the world via microfinance. They’re now celebrating their sixth anniversary.

You can visit their site, and check out small businesses and what kind of loans they need to expand. My focus has been the West Bank, though I’ve also made loans in places including Detroit. (I lived in the area for ten years.)

Note that Kiva’s different from donation websites because the money can be relent somewhere else after it is paid back.

A lot of people have helped out via Kiva, and one way to check it out is to view their recently released visualization which shows loans being made crossing the world.

Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance.

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  1. Thanks Craig & Mohammad Yunus;-)

    let’s do it & change the banking industry with new Business model 100% internet base!

    i am fighting in Brussels, in order to boost our Lobbying effort and European Business Model for the development of Peer to Peer ( P2P) Lending, Funding and Venture. Our very old legislation and huge banking lobbyis are blocked to development of start ups and innovative projects in european such as Youth Banking, etc..

    We are developping the 1st European Social Network on this matter in order to procide services and P2P solutions for Projects holders, SME, NGO in need of real risk sharing and benefits facilities :
    Christophe TAVERNIER
    Managing Director
    European Lobbyist for Small Business @ct!


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