Persuading Your Influencers to Get the Social Media Job Done

If you’re a nonprofit, or anyone else with a connected social group or friends who believe in you, those friends can use social media to get the word out for you. The deal is, you have to make it really easy for them to help you do so.

Social media may come across as difficult and time consuming to many, particularly to the old school folks more used to traditional communications. You might let these people know that social media is just a way to communicate with a lot of people at once. Make sure your supporters understand how easy it is for them to share your message.Social Media

If your supporters aren’t already active on social networks, your first step will be to encourage them join your favorite networks and to explain social media basics. Help your people get the vocabulary – friends and followers, Like, Share, +1, retweeting so they are ready to share your mission and posts with their own networks. They need to know that all that the lingo really boils down to creating connections between friends and showing your approval for different ideas. It’s like an instant way to share newspaper clippings with your friends.

You’ve already done the hard part by figuring out what you want to say and how to keep it short and use plain language. Now be sure your ideas are easy to share in your preferred social media platforms (i.e. via Facebook, Twitter, etc.). One nice way to share your posts easily is to use the ClicktoTweet service. This service allows you to type in your tweets, and then create links that you can email to your influencers. ClicktoTweet makes it easy to share tweets you want your supporters to share. Draft your tweets on the site and share the resulting links in an email to your community. Two clicks and you’re done.

Another method of ensuring that your posts are easy to share, is to make sure that your website or blog has easy to use social sharing buttons, such as the Facebook Like and Tweet buttons. This way, when someone visits your site and sees something they like, they only have to click once and it’s automatically put into sharing format for them.
You’ve now enabled your friends to easily share your social media posts with the world: simple as that.

What’s working for you?

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