How Will You Change the World in 2012?

We’re getting to that time of the year when people start thinking about new year’s resolutions and plans for the future. I’m making plans for the next steps for craigconnects and how I want to connect people for good in 2012. How do you aspire to change the world in 2012? Folks in the community have all kinds of great ideas to change the world that they are putting into gear in the new year and we can learn from everyone’s thinking.

If this works, I’ll make it a regular Social Good Blog Series with a new topic each time to showcase nonprofit leaders and the best of the submitted content. The new series will also recognize contributors’ own websites and blogs.

Here’s the deal

  • Write a blog post explaining how you will change the World in 2012
  • Your submissions should be about 500 words
  • Send me a link to your post by email to
  • You can submit until Tuesday December 20.
  • Tag your post Social Good for 2012 and feel free to link to this post to encourage other people in the community to share their own thoughts.
  • You can also join the conversation on Facebook.

We’ll sort through submissions and share the best ideas in a Social Good for 2012 list. We’ll also cross-post a few of our favorites as a guest blog posts on the craigconnects site.

I wanted to do my small part in changing the world in 2011. I began craigconnects this past year to use technology to give the voiceless a real voice and the powerless real power. My goal in changing the world in this small way is to leverage the power of the Internet and social media to identify, connect and empower effective and sustainable nonprofits. What are your goals for changing the world in 2012?

I’m looking forward to hearing what your plans are for the upcoming year!

0 thoughts on “How Will You Change the World in 2012?

  1. I believe any act of giving can change the world. Whether it’s by donating large sums of money to a cause or just helping someone across the street, all acts of kindness make our world better. My nephew has a not-so-well known disease called neurofibromatosis (NF), and I am now in the fight to to find a cure. I have joined with NF Midwest to help raise funds for NF awareness, research, and support. Is this going to change the world? Who knows, but I’d like to believe that it will change a few people’s world including my nephew.


  2. With The Happy Children Foundation, a non-profit organization reaching out to children worldwide. Whether it is feeding, clothing, educating, or medically treating children, the Happy Children Foundation is there. It is interesting to note that every three seconds somewhere around the world a child dies from starvation or dehydration. Yet, the money we spend annually in America on weight loss alone is twice the amount of money needed to feed the world’s hungry each year.

    Pass this link along even if you are not in a position to help right now. Or, get in touch with me through that site to set up a fundraiser for your organization.


  3. Hey Craig,

    Great idea of featuring how people will change the world in 2012. From my own volunteering and social entrepreneur experience, I always find it easier to make the biggest difference given through organizations with more people / resources. Doing it alone is tough!

    What are you feelings about people starting their own ‘do gooding’ campaign versus them joining someone elses ‘do gooding’ campaign. Joining forces can increase productivity but can decrease ownership and connection. I personally feel passion is great, but action is greater, and long term sustainable action is the greatest.

    Would appreciate your insight!


  4. My wife and I are going to continue our work in Maniche, Haiti. Our goal is to rebuild the school. We have now have over half the children sponsored so that they can attend school. The next step is to improve the facility so even more children can get an education. For more information, you can go to our website


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