Chronicle of Philanthropy highlights our work with Donors Choose

Hey there – last week I posted about craigconnects’ mention in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, but didn’t realize I missed a few:

This article links to a video clip where I talk with Donors Choose: One Charity’s Board Adds Up to an Internet Brain Trust


I explain that, “Donors Choose is about getting teachers the resources they need to teach their kids…you can help them…and that’s pretty cool.” Let’s continue to allow Donors Choose to become a household name.


There’s also another article you might want to check out:  Young Internet Tycoons Hurry to Embrace Big-Scale Philanthropy

A little bit of what they have to say:

Craig Newmark, who started Craigslist as a hobby in 1995, has recently given to Internet connectivity projects in Kenya, Haiti, and veterans centers in San Francisco. He pledged $100,000 to a similar project for vocational schools in the West Bank.

I appreciate it, and the deal is, I just want to help good people.

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