The #perfectgift that keeps giving

Folks, if you remember, I began the #perfectgift campaign on my birthday in December to help out the American Red Cross. The deal was that people would tell us what their #perfectgift would be, for themselves or someone else, and for each mention across the web, until December 31, 2011, I would donate up to $10k to the American Red Cross. The money was used to support the purchase of military comfort kits for our troops.

To me, the #perfectgift is when I’m able to give to those who do such good stuff.

Eileen Unger said, on my Facebook page, that her #perfectgift would be: “To take advantage of every opportunity to ‘make a difference’ and to have the voice and ability to encourage others to do the same.”

I also asked the community – “who made a charitable donation on someone’s behalf as a gift this year?” So many good people had a lot to say.

@annekbradley said, “This year , I donated to Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence, my dad’s favoriote charity, in his honor. #perfectgift”

@benmangan “donated to #PolarisProject, which fights modern day slavery, in memory of [his] grandmother, Florence Mangan.”

People shared photos of their #perfectgift, as well. @LaurenJJohnson shared a picture of her giving blood: “the gift that saves the day through @RedCross!”

@jerryjamesstone even tweeted at me, “Hey @craignewmark I’d like to match your @redcross donation as the #perfectgift for the first 100 tweeps who respond to you.”


I am happy to announce that I was able to give the American Red Cross the full $10k, and hope that people will keep giving now that the holiday season is over. The @RedCross Twitter account said it just right, “…join us in 2012 and give hope to people who need it year-round.”

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