Public and private sector tech helping vets get jobs

Hey, people in Veterans Affairs and elsewhere are working with folks in private industry to help vets get jobs. They’re doing some genuinely innovative work.

Key to this is the Blue Button effort, which now allows vets to download their service record including skills codes. That record can be used in a number of innovative ways, to build better resumes and also to more effectively find jobs based on those skill codes.

For example, the following is a live visual portfolio for Ann Weeby, built using tools from, based on the skills codes in the Blue Button skills file.

(Hey, Ann’s looking for her next opportunity.)

The skill codes can also be used to search the Veterans Job Bank at the National Resource Directory. For example, Ann has a skill code 42 Alpha or 42A.  She can manually enter that code into the job bank and she’ll see a list of all of the jobs relevant to that skill code.

When she actually applies to a matching job she can send a link to her rrripple portfolio that will not only showcase a verified document of her skills but all of the other evidence of her skills and achievement during or after military service that make her the best candidate for the job.

This is just one more example of some really good work that you never hear about. Lots more’s needed…

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