Getting real regarding “San Francisco Values”

Okay, I’ve lived in SF for a long time, not far from twenty years. Have gotten tired of hearing outsiders talk “San Francisco values” without having a clue.

Here’s my take, getting to the gist of things in all my simplemindedness. After observing real behavior, I’d say the real SF values can be simplified as:

– treat people like you want to be treated

– you are your brother’s (and sister’s) keeper

There’s a lot of window dressing that can surround that, but why bother?

You might note that these values are shared among Americans, in small towns, large cities, and everywhere in between. There are mean-spirited people out there, or worse. They’re a tiny fraction of our population, but they’re very loud.

0 thoughts on “Getting real regarding “San Francisco Values”

  1. Craig:
    I agree with your sentiments.Lived and worked in San Francisco in early 90s, and found it a welcoming, open and caring community. We must never surrender the values argument to people who are closed and judgmental.


  2. great piece. but you’re the exception, there are hardly any native San Franciscans around anymore, therefor there are hardly any values that are typical for San Francisco. (i’ve heard the turnover rate to be somewhere around 50% of the population every 5 years, not that I’d have proof for these numbers)


  3. like seattle .. everybody treats everyone well, because you will see them again, and one you are working for me, another day i will be working for you.


  4. I would probably not be quite that presumptuous to say there are hardly any SF natives. I am one and know many many natives. Perhaps being a native San Franciscan exposes me to knowing so many more.


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