Hey there, are you feeling squirrelly? Many of you know my love for squirrels and birds. I've decided to team up with @common_squirrel and @NWF to raise money for #Squirrels4Good.

I'm a fan of urban survivors, and for that matter, I've been told I can get a little squirrelly, and more than once. I know other people really have an affinity for squirrels, too.

Here's the deal, for each time someone uses the hashtag, #Squirrels4Good on Twitter or on my Facebook page  or NWF’s facebook page, I'll give $1 to the National Wildlife Federation up to $5K. I will also donate $1 for each new follower I get over the next couple of weeks.

I've already set up a squirrel board on Pinterest, and so has the National Wildlife Federation. Share any squirrel videos, quotes, or facts that you have, or that you seek out – whether it's squirrels inside of pumpkins, or a squirrel storming the "squirrel-resistant suet palace."

I'm just a nerd who'd really like to see some good squirrel pictures that you have – and maybe even some more chattering videos – on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

(This little guy ended up on my deck.)

We're excited to get started, and can’t wait to see all those squirrels from around the world taking over social media. Let's get squirrelly, folks…



Nona Harman

I thought I was the just about the only one who loves squirrels

Catherine H

I thought the SAME THING~!for a while~but I didn't let it bother me~! Then one day down "my little squirrel park" – I looked behind me to see if any more of my "kids" were coming + looking for food-and I saw a few people had stopped to watch us! Each + every person was VERY much enjoying it, too! I LOVE squirrels– I always have-and my day always gets better, I feel myself smiling–as soon as I see them! they really are amazing little creatures!

Norma Campbell, Wildlife Rehaabber

If you love squirrels so much why do you sell them on Craigs List????? Someone who really loves animals and squirrels in particular as I they are my specialty to rehab would rather they were wild than a comodity for purchase

Catherine H

thank you for the info and the like to the site! I did try it–I SO wanted to listen to Christmas Squirrel songs! I either couldn't find them or I "goofed"~!but thanks for the site info– I really enjoy it!

Peggy Cartwright

We had a family of squirrels who settled in our sun room attic and it's a wonder they weren't electrocuted, as the babies chewed on the electric wires up there, making our lights flash on and off. They were bad but adorable. My son at 7-8 used to be out in the yard with a handful of peanuts and little squirrels running up and down him to get them… neither Mark nor the squirrels afraid of each other.

Joan Walsh

I certainly sympathize with your love of squirrels…do have to hope those are the cute, bushy-tailed gray tree squirrel for which I would be happy to donate directly $5 to the applicable NWF fund. However, out here in the rural forests of the Oregon Coast Range we have very destructive ground squirrels undermining barns, brick paths, deck supports. We moved here with a firm 'live-and-let-live' philosphy and figured the ground squirrels would sel-limit. Not true…they liked our place too much. Finally, my M-I-L's tabby cat started catching them and storing them under her deck to feed her kittens. She had 8 of the stiff little bodies lined up in near military precision. Not sure how many kittens got fresh rodent meat but it was a welcome harvest by a skilled huntress. We were without ground squirrels for about 12 years due to Tabby's skills. Now the squirrels are back and I have two of Tabby's offspring here who would just as soon play chess as catch a squirrel. More aggression is called for. Sorry!


I like being able to leave some food out for squirrels and have them coming back frequently to check for more 🙂

Catherine H

I like that too! Now I find myself doing it more+more often~! At one of "my squirrel parks" as I call them, one or two come right up to me now, they trust me. That is wonderful for me! Squirrels are great, aren't they!?


I never heard a grey scold before; quite different from the fox squirrels we have here. I have videos of wild "foxers" as well as some from two boys I have raised. They are very playful, even the wild ones.

Heather MacFarland

Squirrels are such wonderful and intelligent creatures. When one spends time observing them, you can see how complex and interesting they are. Watching them outside my widow at the squirrel feeder makes me smile everyday.

Laurie B

Two baby squirrels have just left their nest this week. It's a kick watching them getting their "fence legs" in my back yard. I've been here 10 years and seen generations come and go. The 3 Italian Cypress trees seem to be their nesting places of choice, but i don't know where they go once they grow up.


Squirrels are part of the eco. systems web they help feed owls.they also help relase&help plantseeds and should not be killed. They should be captured and releasedinto the wild if found in someones attic.squirrles dont have much meat on them either. I love animals of all kinds.Lori Shermer

Gnaw Chocolate

We're looking into how we can support red squirrels here in the UK and in the meantime our Gnaw squirrels are pushing you on our Facebook page!

Mike maciejewski

Great idea! Squirrels4good I have been feeding a dozen or so every day.both fox and greys,i live 40miles west of Chicago on the fox river.i feed them peanuts,bread and sunflower seeds.some even eat from my hand.caution it takes a long time 2 gain their trust,and they can be little stinkers.

liz m.

I am new to this site, but not new to squirrels. They are cute to look at, but a pain the tush!! For those of you that love them and feel they should be caught and not killed, WELL FEEL FREE TO COME TO MY HOME AND CATCH THE CRITTERS!! They run my gardens, eat my livestock feed, live in my attic, dig piles of dirts everywhere, have tunnels all over my front orchard and leave me scrambling everytime I irrigate my trees. Yes, gophers have alot to do with this also. I would just like to love them to DEATH…


mr newark. i would love to be a part of this wonderful endeavor. i draw a daily comic strip called bob the squirrel…seems like something that would be right up my alley. if you have time i would love to talk to you more concerning this. thanks!

Peggy Collins

Glad to see I'm not alone in my enthusiasm for squirrels! Around here they call me the Squirrel Lady. We have the cute little Douglas squirrels here, which are native to British Columbia. I've spent years photographing them and in fact just published an ebook about them called "Life Lessons from My Squirrel Friends". I think squirrels are great…as you say, they're urban survivors, but they're also very entertaining and never fail to make me smile. They have me wrapped up in their furry little paws!

kathleen o'connor

My husband & I love the little guys. Our WiFi network name is " Ilovesquirrels" We feed them peanuts daily and rarely tire at watching their antics.

Diane M. Kantz

I absolutely adore squirrels! We feed them in our backyard and love to watch them playing out there. We are so lucky to have them so we can watch them.

marty baer

I live in an rv pk here in florida and squirrels live in the pine tree over the rv we live in and they are so cute . I don't mind that they take the hibiscus flowers off the bushes. I don't really know if they eat the flowers tho. we do feed them unsalted peanuts and they love them.


I love squirrelssometimes my partime pet.chipper gets fead . but verylittle because hes wild only in the spring or fall once a year so that he stays fit and healthy and continues to feed himself.lori


Squirrels are so precious and fun to watch. I love to feed them and the birds. My squirrels are like my outdoor pets. I love them. My indoor cats love their nature tv window. Some people may think they are destructive, but I think people are more destructive. I love my squirrels.

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